Welcome to OKANOTU

We are passionate about the health and wellbeing of mothers and children.
We offer meals, nutritional advice, workshops and classes.

Many parents come to us with concerns about their children’s or partner’s health. Some of these are listed here. We offer independent, unbiased and holistic advice based on a solid, pharmaceutical background and personal experience. Our approach is to look at natural cures first, advising our clients on the best food and supplements and how to prepare them at home.

We pride ourselves on offering a flexible, mobile service. We are happy to meet you in your own home or you are welcome to come to ours. We can also come to you in your playgroup or school

Just call or email here.

Omolara Ibilibor, Founder

Lara is the owner and founder of Okanotu.

Lara has a degree in pharmacy, a deep interest in health, nutrition and cooking and has three beautiful daughters aged between 9 and 2 years old.

An experienced mother who has learnt to look out for and educate on health issues, Lara is passionate about helping people to reach optimum health by eating the right foods and supplements.

Friends and family convinced her to set up Okanotu after she helped many of them with a variety of concerns.

She is warm, approachable and caring and gives each of her clients reassurance and a truly personal service tailored to their needs.!

Common Concerns

Low weight

Are you concerned that you or your child may be too skinny? Would you like to (give your child more to) eat but have no appetite?

Post pregnancy diet

Do you want to lose a few pounds that you put on during pregnancy? How do you do this while breastfeeding? How can you eat foods that give you the energy you need without piling on extra weight?

Choking when eating/drinking

Does your child find it difficult to swallow food? Do they cough, choke or gag when they are eating? Are there foods you can’t eat without gagging?

Pale stools

Have you been concerned about the colour of your child’s stools when changing their nappy or helping them to the toilet?


Do you or your child complain of frequent stomach pain? Do they look bloated? Do you experience excessive wind? Does your baby pull his legs up to his tummy when he cries?

Fussy eater

Is your child very selective about what they will and won’t eat? Would you like to encourage them to eat more foods but don’t know how? Are you concerned that they are not getting a balanced diet?


Weaning can seem an overwhelming process especially if you are a first-time mother, a working mother or an unconfident cook. Do you need a helping hand to guide you through step by step?

Difficulty sleeping/ settling

Does your child wake a lot in the night or have difficulty settling after a feed? Do you have trouble sleeping or experience interrupted sleep?

Excessive sweating

Have you noticed that you or your child sweat a lot? Do you have night sweats? Have you experienced sweaty hands and feet?

Regular sore throat/ respiratory ailments

Does your child always have a runny nose? Do they often come down with respiratory illnesses, ear aches or sore throats? Can you hear wheezing or rattling when they breathe?

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