The perfect choice for busy mums who want the very best for their babies.

We prepare fresh, nutritious meals in our kitchen and package them up ready for you to heat and serve in yours. Available fresh or frozen for collection or we can deliver to you for a small delivery charge. Our menus change every week and are updated regularly. If your baby has specific favourites, please let us know. Otherwise, we will send you a variety of different meals every week.

We have designed a weekly menu plan to ensure a healthy, balanced diet. Simply choose which stage you require according to your child’s age.

3-6 months (Stage 1)

Smooth, fine puree with no lumps. Easy for baby to eat. Mild, single flavours to introduce new tastes.

6-9 months (Stage 2)

Smooth puree with some combined ingredients to start introducing new flavours and essential vitamins and minerals.

Stage 3 (9-12 months)

Puree with some lumps to introduce new textures and to encourage chewing. New, stronger flavours will continue to be introduced.

Stage 4 (12+ months)

Soft food, easy to chew and digest. Some finger foods to encourage independent feeding.

Food Type Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3 Stage 4
Vegetable purees
Meat purees
Fruit purees
Vegetarian meal
Meat meal dish
Toddler snacks

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