We offer one-to-one consultations either at Lara’s home in Abuja or in your home, place of work, school or nursery school.

Initial consultations last between 1-2 hours. During this time, we will ask you to talk in depth about your health concerns. We will ask you to share your observations about diet, energy, sleep, mood and behaviour. We will also discuss your family and home set-up and your lifestyle. We encourage you to be as open and honest with us as possible.

This is important because we offer holistic advice. We don’t just treat the symptoms, we aim to treat the cause for a longer-term effect.

We may also carry out a physical check up. This usually involves checking the condition of skin, hair, eyes, nails and looking for rashes or bloating. We will also check weight and height.

We will discuss all aspects of the check up with you as we go so that you can understand what we are looking for and observing at all times.

Following your initial consultation we will provide a health plan. This is structured around each patient and their symptoms. Some patients will require a more comprehensive plan than others. Each plan will be unique to each patient.

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