School workshops [Click Here for Play Schools]

Understanding different ingredients and the components that make up a healthy, balanced meal can be a great learning lesson for kids. If we can get them thinking about what they eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner, we can help them make positive changes. Our clinics are age appropriate and vary depending on the age and stage of the children involved. They are a great way of bringing health education to life in a lively, fun learning environment.

A typical workshop might involve:

  • Presentation on healthy eating and balanced meals
  • Hands-on introduction to fruit and vegetables including fun facts
  • Brainstorm about what kinds of foods they’d like for lunch followed by categorisation game – healthy vs. unhealthy
  • Go to the grocery store game or role play
  • Poster design competition to encourage others in the school to eat healthy foods
  • Children are more likely to try foods that they have had some involvement in preparing.

There’s another important reason why children should be involved: It can help prepare them to make good decisions on their own about the foods they want to eat. That’s not to say they’ll suddenly want a salad instead of french fries or an apple instead of candy, but the mealtime habits we help create now can lead to a lifetime of healthier choices.

We can also offer cookery demonstrations and classes – these are always age-appropriate and do not require cooking facilities.

We are happy to work together with schools to match curriculums and school classroom topics to reinforce teacher-led learning. Please contact us (hyperlink to contact page) to discuss.


  • School workshop (2 hours)
  • Cookery class (1 hour)
  • Cookery demonstration
  • Workshop including cookery class or demonstration

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Play School Clinics

Add a different dimension to your play school or nursery group by inviting us to attend. We can help to answer some of those questions that new parents ask about:

  • breastfeeding – hints and tips, latching on, painful nipples, mastitis, regularity of feeding, night feeds
  • bottle feeding – hints and tips, sterilising, bottle preparation, tips on feeding when out and about or travelling, what formula to choose
  • losing those pregnancy pounds safely and healthily while retaining energy
  • weaning – how to transition from milk to solid foods, what foods to introduce when and how, what not to give your child
  • menu planning
  • recipe sharing
  • cooking demonstrations
  • toddler snacks to try
  • fresh, home-made baby foods to buy
  • one-to-one advisory sessions


  • Play School clinic – 1 hour – Contact us for price
  • Play School clinic – 2 hours – Contact us for price