“Working with Lara has been a great relief for me. Presently I still consult her for medications before going to the pharmacy. It helps me to buy drugs with confidence without having to rely on the chemists recommendations which most times is based on the drugs they have and may not necessarily be the best. I will recommend her always. Her response was always prompt and helpful. She is always ready to help and wouldn’t make one feel like it is a burden.” – Mrs Johnson, Abuja

“Lara is the most amazing person. She is so passionate about what she does and genuinely cares for the people she helps. I would recommend her to anyone who has concerns for their health. She will give honest advice.” – Alice, Abuja



A sickly baby at birth, Johnson needed a tailored feeding programme to keep him in optimum health. He is now 8 years old, has a healthy appetite and eats well without craving sweet things. Read his story:

After Johnson was born, a number of health challenges meant that he had to spend several weeks in hospital during which he underwent a series of blood transfusions.

His mother was concerned about maintaining optimum nutrition to keep him as healthy as possible and to avoid further hospital visits. She approached us to help with this. We provided advice and tips on both breast-feeding and weaning and developed a full feeding programme tailored to Johnson’s needs.

We guided her through a carefully-planned weaning menu to ensure that the transition to solid food was as natural and healthy as possible. We also advised her on how to extract and store breast milk for him to drink in her absence to ensure that he was able to have breast milk at every opportunity. We showed her how to prepare fresh, pureed foods using fruit and vegetables. We also suggested which ingredients to use and which to avoid with a view to long-term health benefits.

Within a few months, this sickly, weak baby was strong, fit and healthy with a good appetite for food and life.